the dog sitter on Friday 3/12

Sweet Gracie is saying pet me! Gracie & Maisy - There was very little barking when I came in today.  They were both ready to go outside so they peed and then came back in to eat their breakfast.  They both ate and then I took them out again.  Maisy pooped and when we came back inside Gracie wanted to play.  I tossed her stuffed toy a few times and Maisy even came downstairs to watch.  She wanted to play.... I could tell.  At least she joined us!  2nd visit:  We all went outside and Maisy and I walked around.  They both peed and then I put Maisy on the long lead and we all just hung outside for awhile.  It hadnt been raining for awhile  - it was nice outside!  fyi - I might not update the blog again until tomorrow midday.

Hero - it was raining by the time I saw Hero and he wasn't very happy about it.  He peed a few times but that was it!

Max - Max got 2 visitors today:  Dixon and the puppy from next door.  We were both a little surprised when they came running over.  He just stood there and everybody sniffed him.  Their owners came over and got them and that was the end of the visit.  Max had already peed (thank goodness) by the time the other 2 dogs came over.

Steve is all puppy!!

Steve - Steve was a lot of fun today.  He was really fired up this morning and was giving both Madison and Murhpy a hard time.  I guess I wasnt good enough to play with... he wanted them to play.  He did poop on the morning visit.

Brady & Ferguson - Brady pooped on the walk and they both tried to chase after the birds.  They also found a golf ball which was pretty exciting.  They ate most of their dinner.... Brady ate more than Fergie.