the dog walker on Thursday March 11

I got pretty lucky with the rain today! Hero - it wasn't raining at all and Hero was happy about that.  He walked around and did his normal sniffing!

Steve - he is so so cute and he's gotten so big!  I was laughing at him b/c his tail wags when he eats.  He tried really hard to get Murphy to play today.. Murphy didn't want to play!

Louis & Sunny are happy to be back in the house!

Sunny & Louis - I put Sunny's raincoat on him today and he still didn't want to walk.  I carried him most of the first half of the walk.  He walked the whole way back of course.....!  Louis has diarrhea but he seemed to be acting just fine!

Max - Max was so cute when I came in today.  His body was laying on the rug and his head was on his pillow.  He did get up to go outside and he peed right away.

Dusty - Dusty was happy to see me... I came early.  He peed right away outside and he pooped too!

Maisy & Gracie - They were both barking when I came in so I just came in and talked sweetly to them.  I grabbed the yogurt and started putting their dinner together.  Gracie got excited then I could tell.  When I took the yogurt back up to the fridge, Maisy came down and ate a little bit.  She heard me moving around and then got scared so she ran back up the stairs and underneath the kitchen table.  She'd eaten about 1/3 of her food though :)  By this time, Gracie had finished hers needless to say!  So, I grabbed the treats and gave both of them a treat.  I grabbed the harness too and persuaded Maisy to come down the stairs too (using another treat.)  Of course, the first time I went to hook the harness I had it backwards/upside-down/wrong, so I had to start over.  Bless her heart!  She needed to go outside.  She peed for what seemed like awhile and then she walked around and pooped too.  I did see Gracie pooping too.  However, someone had left a rather large pile of poop in the downstairs den.  It was on the wood floor so very easy to clean up!  (and I did.)  Overall, I think they both did just  great.  I can't wait to see them tomorrow.  (I didn't take a picture of Gracie tonight.  Once they're a little more used to me, I'll snap a photo of her!)