Dog Walking and Kitty Sitting on Thur 4/22

Happy Earth Day! Easter and Homer - Homer was more than ready to go outside and pee this morning.  Easter was the one I was thinking would be really ready but she was fine to stay by me at first.... I think she wanted her breakfast!  I fed them, gave them a big, fresh bowl of water and a treat before I left.

Sadie says:  "Happy Birthday Mom!  I hear that you're having fun and that it is really pretty.  The dog walker told me that.  I think she's jealous!  We are having fun.  We go for a long walk every morning and I get to do lots of sniffing.  At night, we do a fairly long walk and then we have what she calls "couch time."  I like couch time because I gets lots of rubs!  I've been a very good girl."  :)

Jay and Chloe - Chloe was talking to me again this morning.  I think she really wanted my attention because she jumped up on the counter again...twice.  I think she is missing you.  Jay is doing just fine:  I have the routine down, let her out so she can pee and poop and then I throw the ball for her.  She is very easy to please!