pet sitting on Wed 4/21

Sadie - this was Sadie's morning:  potty, breakfast, walk and couch time with me!  We had a good visit last night too.  I tried to figure out how to turn the tv on... I was going to watch American Idol but it didn't come on when I hit the power button (the tv came on but no picture came up or sound) and I didn't want to start punching buttons so I turned it back off. Jay & Chloe - they must've been hungry.  Both of their bowls were empty.  I refilled Chloe's, played ball with Jay and then refilled Jay's.  I put the oil on her food too.  While they ate, I cleaned out Chloe's box.

Easter reminds me of a very LARGE puppy!  :)

Look at Homers cute (unfortunately blurry) face!

Easter & Homer - They are doing just fine.  I got to meet Henry too.  I fed the dogs and then we went for a short walk.  Lots of barking dogs outside that seemed to make Easter nervous so I wasn't out very long with her.

George is ready to take the boat out!

Alex & George - it was so fun seeing them today.  Alex was full of himself and he also was trying to eat everything while we were on the walk.  He is all puppy!!