pet sitting on Wed 4/21

Sadie - this was Sadie's morning:  potty, breakfast, walk and couch time with me!  We had a good visit last night too.  I tried to figure out how to turn the tv on... I was going to watch American Idol but it didn't come on when I hit the power button (the tv came on but no picture came up or sound) and I didn't want to start punching buttons so I turned it back off. Jay & Chloe - they must've been hungry.  Both of their bowls were empty.  I refilled Chloe's, played ball with Jay and then refilled Jay's.  I put the oil on her food too.  While they ate, I cleaned out Chloe's box.

Easter reminds me of a very LARGE puppy!  :)

Look at Homers cute (unfortunately blurry) face!

Easter & Homer - They are doing just fine.  I got to meet Henry too.  I fed the dogs and then we went for a short walk.  Lots of barking dogs outside that seemed to make Easter nervous so I wasn't out very long with her.

George is ready to take the boat out!

Alex & George - it was so fun seeing them today.  Alex was full of himself and he also was trying to eat everything while we were on the walk.  He is all puppy!!

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC