A Day in the Life of this Dog Walker on Tues 4/20

Ok.... here we go.  15 pet sitting visits today.  This is how I spent my day: Sadie says hi and I miss you but as you can see, Im doing just fine!

Sadie - Sadie and I enjoyed our walk last night.  Someone had their fireplace going that I could smell.  It was a perfect night to be outside.  This morning Sadie's sniffer was really busy on the walk.  She wanted to stop a lot to see what she could find.

Im sure Jay is trying to get all of the crap out of her mouth... read the post below :)

I called Chloe Cleo today and I think I called Cleo Chloe.... hmp!

Jay & Chloe - Jay is hilarious.  I don't have time to download now and I actually haven't even looked at it so it might not be any good, but I videoed her playing soccer.  It is so funny.  The ball gets covered in dirt, weeds, etc and then she ends up with that in her mouth and she tried to spit it out.  I don't think she cares though... she just wants me to throw the tennis ball.  Chloe did jump up on the counter twice so I picked her up, said down and put her on the floor.

Lucy - Lucy and I had a nice walk through the neighborhood.  She was funny when we got back home.  She ran up on the porch so I thought she was going to bring her ball out for me to throw.  No, she wanted in the house so she could have her Kong.  Funny!

Reagan - bless Reagan's heart.  She has a UTI and hasn't been feeling well.  She definitely seemed to be better based upon what you'd told me.  She did pee 2x outside.  (When I walked in the house, she was on the bed in the spare room.... she's milking it!!)  :)

Guinness - we walked around the circle and he peed several times and he pooped.

Casper - Casper was doing just fine today.  We went outside so he could pee and then we came inside for play time.

to be continued.... Buddy is starting at me.  It's 4pm and time for his walk!  Then I need to see Dusty then Benjamin and Frankie!

Let's see after Casper, I saw Dusty.  I don't usually see Dusty this time of day but he was glad to see me.  We walked around the loop and he pooped and he peed a couple of times.

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were just chillin' this morning.  They plopped down in the shade and watched your neighbor for quite awhile.  They'd occasionally get up and walk around or roll in the grass but then they'd lay down again.  We walked a little ways but not too far today.  They both pooped.

At this point I got hot so I ran by my house to give Sam and Buddy a potty break and I put on shorts.

Max - Max got up pretty quickly today and he went outside and peed.  Right about now, the clouds starting rolling in.

Cleo - the clouds had rolled in, the wind had picked up and I was wishing I hadn't put on shorts!  Cleo was in the mood to walk today.  She walked up and around the park and she pooped too.  Of course, she rolled around in the grass too.

Casper - 2nd visit:  We went outside and he peed but after he tried to grab some mulch (he was on his leash), I decided to take him inside.  We played a little bit and he ate the rest of his breakfast.  I took him back outside before I left.

Ben - what a look!!  haha

Frankie & Benjamin - I got to see the BIG dogs today.  Ben barked up a storm at me when I came in and then he tried to "mouth" my arm.... I put a stop to that!  We went for a walk and both peed and Ben pooped.

Buddy & Sam... from my note earlier.  This is when I walked them.  (if I include their walks today, that would make 17.)

Dusty - Dusty walked around the loop again, pooped again and then he was very happy to be served his dinner!

I figured PJ would be upstairs sleeping but she was on one of the chairs in the den.

Ben, Frankie & PJ - I didn't leave PJ out.  I fed him some of his canned food.  Ben and Frankie enjoyed their dinner and their outside time.  (Well Ben enjoyed it... I'm not so sure Frankie did - it was raining.)  Frankie was being camera shy so I didn't snap one of her.

Still tonight:  Jay & Chloe and Sadie.

Now I'm off to dinner at Cyros - sushi.  Yum!!! and I may have counted wrong... maybe there were 16 visits today.  I love my job!!!