dog walking on Monday 4/19

Sadie - Sadie got to see a rabbit last night.  It was right outside the backdoor and of course it went hopping off but it stopped in the front yard.  Sadie really stared it down but I didn't want to torment the poor rabbit, so we went for our walk :)  She also had a couple of staring contests with some cats.... but again, we just kept walking.  This morning she was interested in trying to eat stuff on the walk.  She listens pretty well though and will just start trotting down the street some more! What a cutie Casper is!!

Casper - well.... after I got in the house, everything was great.  I put Casper's leash on him and we went outside for a potty break.   He did quite a bit of sniffing before he pottied so I don't think he was urgently waiting for me to let him out.  He seemed ready to come back inside so then we played some and he ate a little bit.  On the 2nd visit, he was pretty low key.  We went outside, came back in (I thought maybe he was hungry.)  He ate a little more but not much.  I was sitting on the floor beside his food dish and he crawled up in my lap a couple of times and just laid down.  He did poop when I let him out right before I left.

Brady & Fergie - Fergie is getting so affectionate!  He was really just wanting my attention while Brady rolled around in the grass.  We went for a nice walk and they both pooped too.

Max - Max got right up and went outside today to pee.