Dog walking, cat sitting and laughing on Saturday 4/10

hahahahaha! Sweetie - If only I'd had my camera with me.  We were walking around the block and there was a sign for an open house with balloons attached to it in a yard.  Sweetie DID NOT know what to think of the balloons.  She approached cautiously then backed away several times.  (of course, they're blowing around in the breeze)  She was interested but very cautious.  I laughed at her crouching, leaning towards them and then jumping back when they moved.  It was funny!  She's been doing just great all visits!  She made me laugh again as I was getting ready to leave:  she was drinking water.  I actually turned around to look at her to make certain she didn't have her paws in the bowl making all that noise.... she didn't, it was just her getting a good drink. haha!

ahhh, Chester needs a new photographer.  It wouldve been such a cute picture if Id gotten all of him.  You can still tell that hes smiling!

She earned the title retriever today!

Chester & Bailey - Last night Shannon took them outside and even threw the ball a few times for Bailey!  They were both ready to go outside when I got there this morning.  Then I fed them and then we went for a walk.  2nd visit:  I had a little bit of work to do so I plopped down at the table outside and threw the ball for Bailey.  I was there for about 45 minutes and both of them got a chance to be outside for awhile.  (although I think Chester would've preferred a walk.... next visit!!)  3rd & 4th visits:  Chester got his walk on his 3rd visit.  They both enjoyed it.  I was doing the late night visit so I decided to come over around 8pm.  I had a book and I stayed for a couple of hours.  I thought they'd both enjoy the company, Bailey would have some extra time out of her crate and otherwise, I would've just sat at home until I came over.  I think it worked okay for all of us and I hope that was okay with you.

Baby & Calico - They've got the routine down:  Baby meets me on the stairs and Calico is waiting in the bathroom.  Calico started eating as soon as I fed them, Baby wanted to be pet :)