Dog walking and Cat sitting on Friday April 9

The blog today is just my vacation clients: Jackson - Jackson was nestled in between a bunch of pillows on the couch when I came in this morning.  When I walked up to him, he just stretched and rolled over so I could pet him.  He looked really comfy - I was jealous!  He'd eaten most of his food again... he just left a few pieces this time!

Sweetie - Sweetie didn't really want to go out in the rain this morning but she did.  I tried to get her to go out and 2nd time but she wasn't having it!

Calico and Baby - Baby met me on the stairs again and they were both ready to eat their breakfast once I fed them.  I cleaned out their kitty box and gave them fresh water too.

Jacob & Abby - They're doing well and they've gotten their walks in between rain showers!  Penny is talking up a storm and making Shannon laugh!

Bubba - Bubba barked at me when I got out of the car but he was giving me kisses before long.  He enjoyed his dinner too.