Dog Running, Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Thurs 4/8

Buddy is getting back into dog running shape.... we both have a ways to go after such a cold, rainy winter! Jackson - Jackson was laying in the sunroom just watching me as I walked up today.  When I came in, he didn't even come to greet me.... I'm guessing he was watching something outside that had his attention.  He was a very good boy this morning.  He was outside and when I called him, he came in.  I didn't even have to say "treat!"  2nd visit:  it was raining.... he sure does love to get toweled off.  That fired him up but then he settled right down when he saw the food in his bowl.

Baby & Calico - Baby greeted me on the steps when I came in today.  I fed them, gave them fresh water, cleaned the litter box and vacuumed up after them.

Sweetie - We actually had 2 short walks today, I'll explain.  It looked like it was going to pour this afternoon so I didn't want to venture too far from Sweetie's house. I know she doesn't like the rain so we just walked up and down your street.  It barely sprinkled on us.  I wasn't planning on walking her on my 2nd visit but it was raining and she looked at me like "I'm not going outside!"  So, I grabbed her leash and then she got over not going out in the rain.  We didn't walk very far... just long enough for her to at least pee :)  Mission accomplished!

Maggie - Maggie got to see Zoe and Keagan on her walk today.  She was really happy to see them and she really wanted to play with them!

George & Alex - Alex was funny today.. he made me laugh a couple of times.  He got spooked on the walk... there was all kinds of stuff falling out of the trees b/c of the wind.  Some of it landed by him and it spooked him.  I had to laugh... perhaps I shouldn't have but it was funny :)  Of course then he realized he wasn't in any danger and he wanted to chase after it blowing in the wind!  Alex and I played fetch in the house and George got belly rubs.  2nd visit:  we must be living right.  We dodged the rain.  We may have taken our longest walk yet this afternoon.

Brady & Ferguson - Brady has this thing lately about biting my leg as soon as he comes out of his crate... I'm not sure what is up with that.  He always catches me by surprise... I'm just not expecting it.  I guess before he'd bite at my pants legs and now I'm wearing shorts b/c it has been so hot.  Perhaps this isn't something new now that I think about it.  The boys enjoyed their walk today!

Sunny & Louis - They chased each other, peed after each other and both enjoyed their walk.  It wasn't raining but it was really breezy.  It felt nice!

Max - Max made me laugh today.  He barely made it into the grass when he peed:  front 2 feet in the grass, back 2 feet still on the driveway.