Dog and Cat Sitting on Wed April 7

Alex was in the mood to play today.  Hes a really good retriever..... for a chihuahua!! Alex & George - We had a long walk this morning.  It didn't seem quite as hot - there was a nice breeze blowing.  Alex pooped too.  He of course loved his lunch and George enjoyed his treats too.  2nd visit:  it was still really nice outside so we took a longer walk.  George pooped this time too.

Jackson - Jackson had a nice morning.  He went outside and peed and then when he came back in the house, I had his leash ready so we could go for a walk.  He was in heaven... so much so I had a hard time getting his harness on him :)  I did though and needless to say, he loved his walk!

Sully - Sully barked up a storm but he went outside!!  Treats were used of course to coerce him into going outside but the did.  Yea Sullivan Dancing Bear Brown!

Brady & Fergie - the boys and I took a long walk around the neighborhood.  They are doing really well on the leash!

Steve - cutie pie Steve and I took a short walk.  His tongue was hanging out so I figured he was ready for some water.  We played fetch inside for the rest of the visit!

Max - Max was awake when I came in today.  He got up and went outside to pee.

Cleo - She was most interested in eating grass today..... she did pee of course and she pooped too!

Maggie - Maggie and I made the big loop around the neighborhood.  We both enjoyed a change of scenery.  She did lots of sniffing and she pooped!

Calico posed for the camera!

Baby was hard to get a picture of - all she wanted was for me to pet her :)

Baby & Calico - Baby met me at the stairs when I came in and she spent most of the visit either rubbing up against me, the wall, the bed... you get the picture :)  I pet her and Calico too.  Baby did stop rubbing for a few minutes to eat when I fed them.  I cleaned out their box too.