Dog walking on Tues April 6

Jackson on the couch - one of his many options for snoozing! Jackson - Jackson has found a very comfy spot for snoozing.  Last night when I came in and this morning, I had to call for him a couple of times before he appeared.  This morning I found him curled up on the pillows on the couch in the sunroom.  He looked pretty cozy!  He did get up and both times I got kisses!  pm visit:  Jackson and I spent the visit outside.  It was just beautiful outside.  He did lots of sniffing but no digging :)

Chester - Chester Man made me laugh this morning.  After he peed, he comes running into the house - that guy loves his breakfast!  We went for a nice walk around the park and he enjoyed lots of sniffing!  2nd & 3rd visits:  We walked on both visits and he loved being outside.  Maybe not as much as he loved his dinner but he certainly does like his walks.  I love the way he "dances" down the driveway.

Alex & George - We walked outside for our morning walk and Alex immediately started barking at the 2 birds in the yard.  He really wanted to go after them but I didn't let him :)  Not that he could've caught them anyway but I don't think he knew that!!  George was sweet George.  I gave him some lovin... he rolled over on the couch so I could rub his tummy.

Jacob & Abby - They pulled a little bit more today during their walk than they did yesterday.  Shannon's going to work with them a little bit tomorrow to see if she can make some progress with them no pulling so much.  She said they had fun and that Jacob has definitely been enjoying his lunch!

Brady & Ferguson -We walked outside the gates today... until Fergie tongue was hanging out of his mouth.  They both got a good drink of water when we got back inside.

Louis & Sunny - Louis enjoyed his walk and he pooped while we were out.  Sunny was happy to be back in the house today!

Max - Max wasn't very interested in going out today... it was really hot out.  He wasn't out very long but when he came back inside, his fur was pretty warm.

Cleo - Miss Cleo was fine to pee in her yard a few times and then she was done.  It was too hot for her!