Dog Walking on Monday April 5

Chester loves his dinner time :) Chester - We have the routine down:  pee, eat, walk but I can't decide if Chester likes his food more or his walks more.  Maybe the food wins by a pinch!  He is doing just great and I am enjoying spending time with him.  2nd and 3rd visits:  The Monster is doing just great!  We've had 3 nice walks today.

George loves getting his belly rubbed!

George & Alex - I really like the new leashes.  They are much easier for me use.  George just trots along beside me and I reel Alex in every now and again.  At first, I let him doing his sniffing, etc and then we "walked."  He did really well!

The last time Brady & Ferguson saw Keagan, he weighed about 30 lbs less.

Brady, Ferguson and Keagan - the boys had a play date today and look at how big Keagan has gotten!  They mainly just laid in the shade.  It was hot out already!

Sunny & Louis - We walked all around today.  Sunny enjoyed standing with his head high in the air, just taking in the sun.