Pet sitting on Easter Sunday April 4

Chester - I saw Chester early this morning but I don't think he minded.  He enjoys his breakfast whatever time it is.  We took a short walk up and down the street and he pooped!  2nd & 3rd visits:  We took walks on both afternoon visits.  He seems just fine and I thought he would enjoy a little time out of the house.  I can tell... he actually expects to go for a walk every time I come over.  He sees me and he thinks "WALK!!" Sparky - Sparky still has his rawhide bone!  He took it outside with him again this morning (I think...) but if not, you'll find it in the house.  I bet he eats it when you get home!

Basil - Basil stretched out on his side right when I came in today.  I brushed him and let him rub his face up against the brush too.  He really likes doing that!

Lo & Sprinkles - they'd eaten all of their food from yesterday so they seemed pretty happy when I fed them again :)  Someone coughed up a small furball in the laundry room.  They both seemed totally fine though!