Pet sitting on Saturday April 3

Sparky - Sparky was doing just fine this morning.  He was ready to go outside!  He came back inside to eat but that didn't take very long and then he was back out the front door.  I threw his tennis ball for him a few times too.  He still has that rawhide! Chester - Chester went out to pee, came in to eat and then we took a walk.  He turned left at the end of the driveway, usually we turn right.  We walked for maybe 15-20 minutes.  On the way back really close to your house, I think I noticed a little "getty-up" in his step.  I'll keep an eye on it and we'll do a short walk at lunchtime just so he can stretch his legs.  btw - the black car is going to need a bath.  It is covered in pollen!  2nd visit:  Chester seemed just fine.  We took a walk just up and down your street.  I didn't notice anything going on with his back legs this time. :)

Basil - Basil ate a little bit while I was there and then he stretched out in front of me so I could brush him.  He is really shedding :)

Lo and Sprinkles - they ate a little too bit and then they were ready to play.  They didn't want to with the toys I tried yesterday so today I picked up a different string.  They both went after it.... well Lo more so than Sprinkles.  Sprinkles just kind of laid there and would reach out a paw as it went by!