Dog Walking and Cat Sitting on Friday April 2

Sparky loves his bone! Sparky - Sparky greeted me at the door this morning.  He went outside and peed and then he came in to eat his breakfast.  He'd not eaten his bone last night.  He took it outside with him when I left today.

Chester thinks it is hot outside!

Chester - I let Chester out when I got there and then I fed him dinner.  We took a walk around the park after that.  And as you can see by the picture above, he is ready to relax and cool off!

Basil loves playing with his string!

Basil - Basil greeted me when I came in with a couple of meows.  I fed him and put a little more water in his bowl.  It was starting to make a slight noise.  I brushed him and we played :)

Lo & Sprinkles - They were happy to see me today.  All of their food bowls were empty (they still had plenty of water.)  I fed them and they both ate some of the canned food.  There was still plenty of it in their bowls when I left and I'm not sure if they ate any of the dry at all.  I tried playing with them using a couple of different toys but they really weren't that into it today.  Perhaps they were thinking about going back for 2nds!

Alex, George & Molly - I had such a blast walking all 3 of them.  Thank you!

Hero - we had a nice walk.  He likes our walks together much better now that it is warmer outside!