Thurs 4/1: lots of chihuahuas and a handful of labs

Today is April Fools but I'm not fooling.  I saw four chihuahuas today and 3 of them look a lot alike!  Check out Alex and Molly who actually are brother and sister and they sure look a lot like Lola. Alex, George & Molly - How cute are they??  (and quite frankly how impressed am I with myself for getting all of them to sit at the same time!!)

Alex, George and Molly - Well our walk was interesting... we didn't go very far.  Everybody peed though :)  Molly was scared at first so I carried her.  Alex and George did a little sniffing and Alex did a little barking.  Molly started wiggling in my arms so I figured she wanted down and she did b/c she peed.  I was concerned that she was going to come out of her harness so once she peed, I turned them around and we headed for the house.  I thought our afternoon walk might not involve as much well, walking so we'd gone for a long walk this morning.  One of them pooped this morning but now I can't remember which one it was.

Lola looks a lot like Alex and Molly, huh?

Lola, Sunny & Louie - The boys and I had a nice walk and Lola and I just walked around the backyard.  Everybody peed.  Lola and Louis played when we all got back into the house too.

Sparky was patiently waiting for me to get her dinner ready.

Sparky - Sparky met me when I drove up tonight.  She immediately went and found her rawhide bone and brought it inside with her.  I fed her dinner and then we went outside for a few minutes to play.  She tried to find her ball but she never did and it was getting dark so if she couldn't find it, I certainly wasn't going to be much help!  I took her collar off of her and as I was leaving, she wanted to come back outside with me.  I heard her cry a little bit as I closed the door... which made me feel bad.  I might spend a little extra time with her tomorrow :)  (when it is light outside and I can see!)  Her water "bowl" on the front porch was almost empty.  I'll be sure to refill it tomorrow morning.

Maggie - Maggie got to see a lot of her neighbors today.  There were a bunch of people out b/c of the really nice weather.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC