Dog walking dogs in sweaters on Wed 4/14

My view everytime I walk Alex.    Are you laughing?? George & Alex - the boys shivered today when we were outside... it is chilly!  We walked long enough for everybody to take care of their business but then I turned them around and we played inside.

Bubba - Bubba had been sleeping in the cedar chips... they were all in his fur when he greeted me this morning!

Brady & Ferguson - the  boys and I had a long walk today.  They did really well walking nicely on the leash!

Max - Max was a little slow to get up today but he did and we went outside so he could take care of his business!

Cleo - I thought for sure Ms Cleo would be ready to for a walk today with these cooler temps.  Nope, I was wrong.  She was very content to lay in your neighbor's yard. :)