dog walking on Tues 4/13

Bubba - Bubba and I hung out for awhile this morning.  We played a game of chase (I'm sure if anyone was watching they'd think I was crazy) and then I rubbed him on his chest.  He just loves it!  I gave him fresh water too! What can I say.... sweet, sweet George!

Alex & George - The boys got to meet the mailman today.  Alex barked of course and George was a perfect gentleman.  Kids!!

Lucy - Lucy and I had a nice walk around the neighborhood!  She was ready to go... and I enjoyed stretching my legs!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys were content to hang out in the shade again today for awhile.  We walked too!

Max - Max was stretched out when I came in today.  He did outside and he stayed outside in the shade for longer than he typically does.

Steve loves to play with his toys!

Steve - Steve enjoyed his time outside but he liked being inside laying on the rug and chewing on his bone too.

Kim Hollis

Charlotte NC