Dog walking on Monday 4/12

Cute pictures of Bubba, Alex & George.... I will post them tomorrow.  I'm running late to meet a friend for her birthday. :) Bubba - I got to hang out with Bubba for awhile this morning.  He was funny... I fed him and I could just see the wheels in his head turning.  He wanted to eat but he didn't want to leave me... he was debating which was more important:  my company or his breakfast.  He did finally eat - I assured him I'd still be there when he was done!  2nd visit - we played a game of chase tonight.  I'd run and stop and he'd come running for me. He'd do his little dance too.  I also rubbed him on his neck/chest.  He'd just point his nose up in the air... he' loved it!

Alex & George - Alex was just prancing along in front of George and me on our walk this morning.  He was pretty funny!  2nd visit:  George got hot on the 2nd walk today... his little tongue was hanging out of his mouth!

Brady & Ferguson - the boys went outside and peed and then they both plopped down in the shade, so I did too!  It felt nice.  Fergie was being really affectionate - I got a ton of kisses from him.

Max - Max woke up long enough to go outside and pee!  I was just looking at my records for him and I can't believe he is 18 this month.  Wow!!  Happy Birthday Max!

Dusty - Dusty was given his medicine and dinner...he's a happy boy!