Dog walking and Cat sitting on Tues 5/11.... all colors but lots of white dogs today

I think Yuki likes me... he gives me lots of kisses! Suki was extra sweet and affectionate last night!

Suki & Yuki - We had nice visits last night and this morning.  Both visits we walked (Yuki pooped again this morning) and they both ate some of their dry food.  Last night Yuki put himself to bed before I was even ready to leave. I had to go and get him out of his crate..... maybe he was just thinking I'd give him a treat. :)  They've been really sweet.  We even saw a couple of other dogs this morning and they were interested but didn't bark at them or at each other either.  I was impressed!  2nd and 3rd visits:  they're still doing just fine.  They both ate all of their dinner and they've enjoyed their walks today.  We've gotten lucky and have been in between the rain showers.

hahahahaha!!  Casper climbed into his toy box and just laid down!

Casper - Casper and I must be living right or something.  There were a lot of dark clouds around so I decided we'd better take a long walk while we could.  We did.  As soon as I left your house on my way to my next dog walk (Lucy, yellow lab who loves to walk far), it started to pour.  Casper and I played a little bit before we went for our walk, he drank a little bit of water and he peed while we were outside.

Brady looks very sleepy!

Fergie was going to town on this bone!

Brady & Ferguson - Brady certainly looks sleepy in the picture above and after her peed, did just a little sniffing while Ferguson laid down in the grass, he turned around and headed for home.  I spent most of the visit with Fergie in my lap and then Brady decided to climb on the pillow behind me.

Lucy - Lucy was my first non-white dog walk of the day.  She is she was close!  It was raining pretty hard so our walk was a little shorter today.  She peed 2x and then I think she was fine to come back inside so she could chew on her kong!

Steve - a brown dog!

Steve - he has gotten really big!  I still just want to laugh at the way his fur jiggles when he walks.  It is so cute!

Sunny, Louis and Lola - one yellow/brown dog, one brown/red dog and another white dog!  I walked all of them together.  I wish someone would've had my camera to take a picture of that!  I'm not quite adept at managing 3 retractable leashes though!

Max - I think Max would've preferred to stay asleep but he did get up to go outside and pee.

Cleo - Miss Cleo was in the mood to walk today although once she tried to roll over on her back.  I didn't let her.  It'd been raining and she would've gotten soaked.... and dirty!

Buster and Cisco - I did see Buster on the porch.  He jumped down when I opened the door so I didn't get him inside but there was a Buster sighting!  I fed Cisco his canned food and I put more dry food outside.  (There was still quite a bit out there.)