Dog walking on Wed 5/12

Suki & Yuki - we ran into one of your neighbors this morning who has 2 dogs.  They dogs didn't actually meet to say hello.  We kept them about 10 feet apart but it was a very good test for all of them to see who would behave.  :)  Suki did great.  She basically ignored the other dogs.  Yuki did fairly well.  He was definitely interested in the other dogs, sometimes acting like he just wanted to say hello but 1 or 2 times he did get a little aggressive.  When he did that, I asked him to sit which he did.  Once he came after me but with a quick correction he stopped right away and he didn't do it again.  Overall I think he did very well... and I certainly think he "gets" it. Dusty - Dusty is all taken care of for today!