dog walking on Monday 5/3

rats... my camera batteries were going but this is how Stoli greeted me when I came in the door!

I love your dog!  Anytime you need a pet sitter, I will do it!  He reminds me of my 12 yr old yellow lab Sam when he was younger!  Stoli was really sweet and he did just great on the leash.  We did see a couple of dogs but he did just fine.  (They weren’t all that close to us.)  When we were crossing the street and he had to wait, he even sat down. :)  He peed several times and he pooped too.  Sophie came down to say hi too and I think she wanted outside but I didn’t let her out.

Casper - Casper and I walked all the way around the circle today and then he still wanted to keep going so we did!

Brady & Ferguson - We took a long walk and then headed in the house when it started to rain a little harder.  Brady chewed on a bone and Ferguson got a bunch of petting from me.

Max - It took Max quite awhile to walk up but when he did, he got and went outside to pee.

Dusty - Dusty enjoyed his trot around the neighborhood.  I like his new haircut too - I think he looks very handsome!