Dog walking 3 yellow labs on Tues 5/4

Stoli is saying, quit trying to take my picture and lets go for my walk! Stoli - Stoli was barking when I walked up.  I think he heard the kids and dogs waiting on the school bus this morning.  I took him out for a potty break, fed him and then we went for a walk.  He pooped before we even left your yard (I put it in the trash bin in your garage.)  Sophie was sitting near her empty food bowl last night and again this morning when I fed Stoli so I gave her about 1/2 a scoop of food.  I hope that was okay... she ate it :-)

Lucy loves her Kong!

Lucy and I had a nice walk.  She makes me laugh when we come back in the house though.  She is so excited to get inside to get to her kong and she always knows exactly where it is.  She's a smart girl!

Sammy is smiling for the camera!

My Sam Sam - my first three walks today were all labs:  3 yellow (Sam, Stoli and Lucy) and 1 black (my Buddy, aka the Budster)

Casper is just adorable!!

Casper - Casper and I took 2 short walks outside because it was hot today.  He enjoyed saying hello to several of the landscapers who were working nearby.

Guinness - Guinness was ready to go outside today.  He peed several times (of course!) and he pooped too on our walk!

Brady & Ferguson - We had a nice walk today.... it was very leisurely and they got to do lots of sniffing.

Max - I'm not sure if Max feels great today.  He was really sleeping hard and I think would've preferred if I would've just let him sleep.  He did get up to go outside to pee though.

Dusty - Dusty got to say hello to the guy working on the fence.  He trotted around and peed a couple of times too.