dog walking on Saturday 5/15

Benjamin is very photogenic! Frankie is getting settled in for her nap.

Benjamin, Frankie & PJ - Well, Benjamin was my alarm clock this morning.  Must've been about 5:30am and his front paws land on the bed.... luckily I was facing the other direction. :)  They both slept in the room with me, Ben in the bathroom on the tile floor.  I'm guessing it is cool and feels good to him.  PJ is doing just fine too.

Maxs ears really make me laugh!!

Both of their ears make me laugh!!

Max & Genny - Is your neighbor's dog new?  I don't remember them having a dog but Genny sure was talking to her this morning!  I corralled her back inside... it was early for a lot of barking!

Easter and Homer dont stand still very long.  Makes it hard to take a decent picture!

Homer & Easter - I left them outside with both of the metal bowls filled with water.  (After I fed Easter in the metal bowl, I filled it up.)  It is hot still but it is overcast and I thought they'd enjoy some time outside before bedtime.  They were both really thirsty while I was there so I also thought they might need to pee again too. :)