Dog walking on Thurs 5/14

Puppy Love! Winston - the new love of my life..... what a cutie.  He was very sleepy when I first got there but after about 10 minutes he woke up and then everything became a chew toy, including my shoulder!  I quickly grabbed his toys.  We played outside with his ball too.  I attempted a walk but he was much more interested in just chewing on his leash so there really wasn't much of a walk!

Alex is using his rabbit as a pillow.  How cute!!

Cutie pie George is back from his walk and ready to do some snoozing!

George & Alex - the boys were very good today.  I like Alex's new  harness although I'm not certain Alex likes it.  He didn't come to me right away when I grabbed his leash which is very unusual.  He did though and after he wiggled a lot while I was putting it on, I did get it on and we went for a walk and he did just fine with it.