the dog walker on Saturday 10/12

Chester and Bailey - they are are great.  I saw them yesterday for dinner and we took a little walk.  This morning Chester was stiff (I'm sure from sleeping all night long) so we went out in the backyard 2x.  I fed them breakfast and gave him both his pills. Sunny very close up :)

Ollie looking all innocent.... trouble-maker!! :)

Fozzy, Ollie and Sunny - Crazy Ollie snuck through the hole in the screen as was on the porch when I went back to check on Fozzy this morning.  When I put the spray on Fozzy's hot spot, she winced a little bit so I'm guessing it is tender.  It isn't oozing anything or bleeding but her fur around it was wet so she must be licking it.  I put the cone on her too.

Millie and Sadie - So sorry I didn't post yesterday.  They are fine, Millie is loving meal time and both are loving their walks.  When I got there last night, someone (Millie) had peed on the floor in the kitchen.

Nebula, Sun, Nova & Strega - they were all just great yesterday.  I fed them, gave Nebula & Sun their meds per your note and I scooped their box.  There wasn't much in there to scoop.