the dog walker on Sunday 10/6

Yesterday morning I wrote the post, went to publish it on the blog and I got an error message that our broadband was down.  The post didn't post. :(  However in looking this morning, a draft of it was saved so I just posted it now.  Sorry for the delay.  Part 2:  I should've looked at the entire post before posting it.  The picture of Chloe saved and the first few words, that was it.  I re-wrote a shortened version and posted that for yesterday. Chloe - I just got back from a long walk with her.  Ben had been out on his morning walk in front of us so she had lots of sniffing to do!

Ursa - she got lots of loving this morning.  After breakfast and going outside, she wanted to come back in the house so we did and I rubbed her head.  She loved it!