pet sitting on Tues 12/24

Sox - he is doing well.  He is loving meal time that's for sure!! Harley and Skittles - they were playing like crazy this morning.  Both were chasing the ball around and sliding across the wood floors.

Butter and Sweet Pea - Sweet Pea is enjoying our walks.  Last night there was something (some sort of wild critter) making a lot of noise so she had to do some barking. :)  She is eating well too.  I'm mixing a little bit of canned food in with her dry.  Butter is eating well too.

Gray Cat - he was downstairs when I came in but then disappeared after he saw me.  He had plenty of food and water.  I did leave a few treats out for him.

Nebula, Sun, et al - they all seem to be just great.  All are eating well and finishing up at about the same time so there isn't as much bowl swapping as last time. :)