the pet sitter on Wed 12/25

Merry Christmas everyone! Butter and Sweet Pea - both enjoyed their Christmas breakfast!  Butter has been eating really well the past couple of days and Sweet Pea has too as long as I add some wet food to her dry. :)

Gabby - I didn't see her today.  I gave her some canned food and scooped her box.  She had plenty of dry food and water.

Baby - She followed me all around today.  I pet on her, feed her, scooped her box and cleaned up her "area."

Lo and Sprinkles - police cars were blocking near your street (I think they were blocking the railroad tracks for some reason.)  There didn't seem to be anything else going on (the cops were just sitting in their cars so I don't think it was too serious.)  I had to wind around to get to your house.  Sprinkles wanted my attention so I pet him and Lo was hungry so she ate!  I gave her the pill too.

Nebula, Sun, etc - they are all doing well.  Both are getting their meds per your note too.

Sox - He greeted me at the door today.  I guess he was ready for breakfast!!