the pet sitter on Friday 1/17

Jay sitting nicely so I could take her cute picture! So sorry... I know she isnt supposed to be on the kitchen table.  I did put her down after I snapped this picture of her.  I thought she looked very pretty :)

Jay and Chloe - all is well.  I went to your house as my first visit this morning, played with Jay, fed them both and scooped Chloe's box.  Chloe was super affectionate and Jay was super ball-crazy.  Not out of character for either one of them. :)  After I left your house, I went to see a client that has a rabbit.... see post below re: Lesson Learned.  That wasn't at your house, just wanted to be clear.

Harley and Skittles- I will see them around 10am this morning.  Fun, crazy kitten time in my near future!!