the pet sitter on Saturday 2/15

Greta and Abbey - they are doing just fine.  I saw them yesterday for the first time at the dinner visit.  Your neighbor and I had been texting back and forth during the snow.  She came over while I was there during my first visit so we got to meet.  Someone has pooped in the house 2x.  When I got there at dinner yesterday and now again this morning, I found it.  Abbey is peeing a lot too.  I'm not sure if that is normal for her or not but I will keep an eye on it today and may contact you about it.  I fed them dinner and breakfast, I saw them last night around 9pm for a potty break and I've given Abbey her pills too (1 yesterday at dinner and 2 this morning.)  I was hoping to leave the dogs outside when I go at noon today but it is raining. :(  The yard is pretty muddy too b/c of all the snow that is melting.  Oh and Abbey likes to eat snow!  Silly girl!