the pet sitter on Sunday 1/19

Jay and Chloe - they are just great!  Jay is enjoying chasing the ball around the yard.  Chloe just wants attention.  Jay keeps trying to tell me that every time she comes in the house, she is supposed to get one of those "jerky" type treats.  I keep telling her, not every time, especially when it is time for breakfast or dinner.  She is very persistent! Amy, Oscar and Romeo - Oscar got a little close to Amy when she was eating breakfast this morning and she gave a little "grrr" to let Oscar know she wasn't sharing.  Oscar got the message and left her alone.  They are all doing just fine.  All 3 were in the house this morning when I got there... sleeping in on a cold morning. :)

Harley & Skittles - they were hilarious again this morning with the laser.  Skittles had to follow me upstairs too when I scooped her box.  It is like she is supervising or something!