dog and cat sitting on Saturday 5/17

My view of Holly on our walk this morning Photobucket is the site I use to download pictures to input onto the blog.  I'm not sure what has changed but I can't make these pictures bigger.  Ugh!!

Holly - Holly is enjoying her walks.  She has taken care of all of her business and then she has wanted to roll around in the grass.  Silly dog!!

Merlin the boy with the upset tummy... poor guy!

 OMG!!!! I am in LOVE with these ears!!!

CiCi and Merlin - Merlin still has an upset tummy.  I am hoping for his sake that it clears up but I may add an extra visit today just so I can check on him.  He seems to be feeling okay.  He and CiCi played a little bit this morning.  CiCi is doing great and so is Kitty.  Kitty ate quite a bit this morning - I'm wondering if she didn't like the flavor of food from yesterday.  It was beef and this morning I think it was chicken.

Sunny, Louis and Lola - they all slept well.  Louis crawled under the covers during the night - perhaps he was looking for Lola b/c that's where she was!!

Snickers - she was a little shy last night on my first visit so I enticed her with a treat... that worked!  She was just fine this morning and did a little sniffing around outside while we were out.