dog and cat sitting on Sunday 5/25

omg.... I lover her ears.  They make me laugh!! Jay and Chloe - She has had fun playing.  The weather has been great so we've both enjoyed being outside.  I had a hair appt yesterday afternoon midday so I gave her an extra visit since I couldn't get there at the time that I normally would have been there.  Chloe has been jealous of us being outside.  She's always waiting by the back door when we come in.

Boo and Sugar - Everything was just fine this morning. I'd shut the bathroom door last night so Boo couldn't lock herself in there again.  In all the chaos of last night, I forgot to give Sugar a pain pill so I gave her one this morning (actually 1/2 of one based upon the directions on the bottle).  She was limping badly so I took Boo for a walk and left Sugar in the yard.  She did want to go but I didn't take her. :(

Hank and Lula - they met me at the door and Lula had to do a couple of laps around the kitchen island while I opened their cans of food.  Silly kitty!