pet sitting on Saturday 5/24

Boo playing keep away this morning. Sugar hanging out on the couch this morning.

Boo and Sugar -Sugar is still limping this morning.  I think she is okay but I think she needs to rest her leg.  It seems to be bothering her so I didn't walk them this morning.  She went outside to pee and then she laid back down on the couch.  She didn't play at all this morning either.  Last night she did play some - I think her desire to play outweighed whatever pain she was feeling in her leg but she chose not to play this morning.

Chloe showing off!

Jay playing ball this morning

Jay and Chloe -  Jay is enjoying running around the yard and playing ball.  I so want to get a video of her sliding down the hill on her back but by the time I think about it, she stops.  Chloe is getting some lovin' too and wishing she was outside with us.