the dog walker on Fri 6/20

Sadie and Millie - your snake ignoring dogs (see last post) are both doing great.  I wish I hadn't seen the snake!!  Millie loves greeting me at the door each evening visit and I hear her waking up in her crate each morning when I walk in.  She snarfs down her food and Sadie is eating well too just not as fast as M. :) Hampton and Blitten - see my last post re: the snake I saw on another visit last night around 8pm.  So... I can't get this snake out of my head.  While taking Hampton out midday today, he was doing some sniffing and he jumped at a leaf beside him.  When he jumped, I jumped and screamed (luckily it wasn't very loud.)  Because of a leaf!  Needless to say, I'm a little jumpy!