the dog walker on Saturday 6/21

Millies smile.  I love it!! Millie and Sadie - They've enjoyed going for walks and hanging out in the backyard.  Millie of course has particularly enjoyed breakfast and dinner too!

My first glimpse of Hampton this morning!

Hampton - I am guessing this is how Hampton greets you too.  He makes me laugh!  Blitten has usually been in the kitchen area when I walk in. I'm guessing Hampton's barking alerts him that I'm coming and that means he gets to eat!  I've been feeding him the same amount of food each day (1 can + 1 scoop) but in 3 meals.

I took this picture on Friday afternoon - my first visit when Sugars leg was really bothering her.

Boo and Sugar - I was so glad that Sugar's leg was better after that first visit!  They both ate well while I was there too which was a first.  In the past, I've fed them but they've preferred to graze.  Not this time!

Lincoln, Scout, Molly - since I've not see them yet today updates tomorrow and periodically throughout the week (I may not update daily)