the dog walker on Sunday 6/22

It is easier for me to post pictures to the See Spot Run facebook page - I can do it directly from my phone.  If you're on facebook, like the See Spot Run page and you can view the pictures.  I posted a few last night.  To post pictures to this blog, I have to upload them into a photo sharing site (I use and then I can post them here.  It's an extra step and difficult to do on my phone so I use the facebook page too for posting pictures. Last night I came up with a theory:  yellow dogs like to roll around in the grass on their backs.  On the See Spot Run facebook page, I posted a video of a golden named Sam earlier this week, rolling around to cool off.  Last night, this happened: :)

Scout loves a good roll around in the grass

Scout - I leashed him up and took him out front.  He peed and then we walked around to the backyard and I let him off leash.  We walked around to the front yard and he laid down and then decided to roll around on his back.  He did it several times.  Silly guy!

Lincolns versionl of rolling around on his back in the grass!

Lincoln - I left Scout's house and went to see Lincoln.  I let him out back and he peed, pooped and then he decided to roll around in the grass too.  I had to laugh!  It was getting dark so the lighting in the picture isn't great.  Lincoln hadn't eaten anymore overnight but he did eat right when I got to your house.  I gave him his meds this morning - the peanut butter is definitely working!

Molly - Of all the dogs I'm seeing right now, Molly loves meal time the most!  I fed her dinner and breakfast and this morning before I left, I gave her a sweet potato treat.  I used the kitchen scissors to cut them - they are huge!

Simba - He is doing great.  Fingers crossed - no accidents!  Yesterday late morning, I went for a run so I decided to swing by and let Simba out on my way back.  It was hot and humid so I peaked in the garage fridge and grabbed a bottled water.  I am planning on replacing it and I have a bottle in my car to put in there but I keep forgetting!