the dog and cat sitter on Thurs 7/3

Minnie enjoying her breakfast this morning Minnie and Moe - Minnie hasn't been eating so well lately so I thought her mom would appreciate this picture I took this morning.  Her head was way down in the bowl eating her breakfast!  Yay Minnie!  Mo on the other hand, had eaten a little bit already and was chomping on the catnip!  It seems a little early to me to be hitting the catnip.... Mo is going to have a good Thursday!!  LOL!!

Bailey and some serious tongue action!!  haha

Bailey - Bailey and I had a nice walk this morning.  She even found a tennis ball and I had more patience than she did this morning..... I waited her out and made her "drop" it before we entered the house!

Baby - Baby met me downstairs this morning.  I loved on her, gave her a little more food, fresh water and I scooped her box.