the dog walker on Friday 7/4

Happy 4th!  It started to rain pretty hard last night around 6-7pm so most of our visits last night were in the rain. Bailey - she is great.  The weather was much cooler this morning so we took a nice walk!

Simba - Last night and this morning, he walked around the yard a little bit.  He peed last night and he peed and pooped this morning.  I gave him his meds with his breakfast this morning.  The drops are almost gone too. I did give them to him this morning but the bottle may be empty now.

Chloe - we got our walk in last night (it was only sprinkling while I was there.)  I left her outside this morning but she was standing at the gate... I hated to drive away!

Minnie and Moe - they both ate well overnight.  I fed them the same food this morning (turkey and rice) b/c they seem to like it!

Baby - she met me at the door this morning.  I loved on her, fed her, gave her fresh water and I scooped her box.

Chipper - He is doing just fine.  It was raining pretty hard at your house last night but he didn't seem to mind!  He was eating his breakfast this morning when I left too!