the pet sitter on Saturday 7/5

I was 4 for 4 last night:  4 dogs, none of them afraid of the fireworks.... until I got home and found my yellow lab Willow hiding in the bathroom.  I knew that was where she would be.  Poor girl! Bailey - She is doing just great.  I saw your note but I haven't taken across the street to throw the ball.  I'm too nervous to let her off leash... especially in this great weather, I'm sure there would be lots of other people / dogs out.

Chloe - she is enjoying all her walks.  I left her outside again this morning and she just stood at the gate and watched me drive away.  Kills me!! :)

Baby - she had thrown up twice - one hairball, one food.  She seems to be just fine though!

Simba - He is enjoying meal time and he's been taking his meds along with his food, no problem at all.