the dog walker on Friday 7/25

Simba - He gobbled up his breakfast and then we went outside.  He sniffed around a little bit - I think something had been nearby and he caught the sent of it.  Deer perhaps? Jay and Chloe - something was in your yard overnight and I'm thinking it may have been a bunny.  I caught Jay trying to eat stuff and I"m guessing it was rabbit poop.  No more kisses from her!! :)

Sandy and Murphy - I fed Sandy out in the hall this morning.  Last night when I fed them, she finished first (just like you said) and Murphy took exception to her and really barked / growled at her.  It is obvious who rules the roost - the smaller dog of course!  So, I thought they might like having some separation when they ate.

Fozzy, Ollie and Sunny - I saw the red fox on the way to your house this morning.  I saw that as if I'm seeing the same one every time. I really have no idea if it is one or many.  I'm surprised I see so many rabbits.  You'd think they'd all be breakfast for the fox!

Bella - We saw lots of rabbits on our walk this morning too.  She was staring them down and many of them were bigger than her!

Biscuit - A jogger went by as soon as we started out on our walk and I think Biscuit would've preferred going his pace.  He wanted to run after that!