The dog walker on thurs 7/24

Simba - he was funny this morning. He took care of all of his business this morning, he walked around just a little bit and then he bounced up your driveway and the stairs. He is feeling good today!  I have been carrying him outside. Jay and Chloe - Jay still wants to eat grass although this morning she is playing too. She is acting totally fine just occasionally wants to be a cow :). Chloe is just fine too. I think she is jealous of Jay getting to spend time outside.

Fozzy, Ollie and Sunny- Fozzy and Ollie got into a fight last night. I really think it was mainly noise but it shook me up and both of them too I think. 5 min later they were fine albeit a little cautious around each other. Other than that, all is well!

Bella- she has been enjoying our long morning walks. I've been playing with her too. She loves to play!!

Biscuit - he is such a good boy he gets really excited when he sees me and his tail wags the whole time we're walking.