Hampton and Blitten

Hampton and Blitten are both doing just great. Blitten is loving meal time and getting pet. Hampton is enjoying his walks.... or at least he was until last night. It hasn't rained when I've been with him in quite a while but it started last night and it is fairly obvious that he isn't crazy about the rain. He just wanted to go out and potty and then come right back in. I made him walk some.... until he took care of all of his business. He was more than happy to turn around and get back inside the house as quickly as possible. It was still raining this morning too so we took a shorter walk - just long enough for him to do all his business. According to the forecast, it is supposed to stop raining this afternoon. I hope it does by our next visit so he will want to take a longer walk. Fingers crossed.

Hampton and Blitten are very thankful for being inside pets.

Hampton and the dog walker