Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here is a note about our visits and what I think they might each say if asked what they are thankful for: Molly and McKenzie - McKenzie has loved her walks and hopefully she will settle down since we got the beeping on the security system to stop. I did let Molly off leash this morning so she could take care of all of her business. I let her off last night but she started to go over to the right side of the house so I called her back. Poor thing... now this morning I realize that is where she poops. I didn't know there was a fence over there and it was so dark, I didn't want her to leave my sight. We generally don't let dogs off leash in unfenced areas and especially since it was my first time seeing them last night, I was overly paranoid about it. :) Molly is thankful to anyone who will pet her and McKenzie is particularly thankful this morning that the beeping of the security system has stopped. She is also thankful for anyone who walks her.

Hampton and Blitten - Hampton is enjoying his walks. He is eating well and I've been giving him all of his medicine. Blitten is eating well too - both her hard and wet food. Hampton is thankful that the rain has stopped. Blitten is thankful for anyone who pets her. They both say Happy Thanksgiving!

cat sitting

Harley and No Name - Harley hasn't been as interested in playing. No Name has more than made up for that though. She is always up for playing.... unless of course she is eating!! Harley is thankful for comfy cozy warm places to sleep and No Name is thankful for food and toys.

cat sitting

Sparky - This morning she wanted to her Thanksgiving breakfast before even going outside. As soon as she finished she went zooming around the yard. Sparky is thankful for being able to be outside.

Simba - Simba always likes to it before going outside (just like Sparky) so I fed him this morning and gave him his pills before we went outside. He walked around a little bit and he took care of all of his business. Simba is thankful for food.

I hope all of you have a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving.