Moose, part hound?

So here are pictures of Moose and Ollie. We adopted Moose from Lab Rescue of NC. He is 7. We've been trying to figure out what he is mixed with. Ollie pictured on the left is (I think) a Tree Walker Coonhound. Moose, we are fairly certain is part hound. He has longer ears than a lab, shorter fur, and longer legs. In this picture his ears look longer than Ollie's. I'm not sure if that is because Ollie's are cocked a little bit. Moose is just longer and leaner than most labs I know. His personality also reminds me a lot of Ollie.... they can both get into some trouble if allowed :) which also reminds me of my first dog Sloan and she was a lab and wemieraner mix. She was crazy wild until she was about 8. I was hoping that Moose might not have the lab shedding gene. Unfortunately he does. We still love him and all his craziness!

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hound Moose Moose's best impression of a treeing walker coonhound