Wanda and Max

I had the pleasure of filling in for my pet sitter while she took some time off over the holidays so I got to see Wanda and Max. I've pet sat for them before but it has been awhile and it was great to spend some time with them. Wanda is a great little walker (even with her short legs, I had a hard time keeping up with her!) and Max loves his outdoor time too. I was really surprised one morning when it was raining pretty hard but Max still wanted to go outside. He seemed to like being out in the rain more than Wanda and me! Max may have a learned a thing or two from Wanda: he comes when he is called. All I had to say was "Max" or "kitty kitty" and he'd come back to the door, ready to come inside.

One of my favorite things about doing these visits was my greeting from Wanda. When I walked up to her house, I could see her through the windows in the door and she was always in a full body wag... that is quite the greeting and it made my day every time I got to see it. Being privileged to have a job that brings me such gifts as the full body wag is just awesome!!

Happy New Year Wanda and Max!

PS I am going to give a shout out to CCP Web Design. If you like the new look for my website and blog, it was done by CCP Web Design and that is Wanda and Max 's mom.

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