Ollie, Sunny and Fozzy

Recently, I had the pleasure of pet sitting with Ollie, Sunny and Fozzy. They have a huge backyard for playing and it is great for taking pictures. With the colder weather, I've not been taking a lot of outdoor photos but when Sunny's mom asked if I could take a few photos of the dogs for her, I gladly obliged. Ollie and Sunny are always good for a game of chase and some wrestling. They could be part of WWF and if they start chasing each other, get out of the way! Fozzy even got in on the game of chase which was pretty funny! Sunny is easy to photograph. Ollie and Fozzy create more of a challenge. Ollie is always on high alert outside, he is a hound after all. If he spies a squirrel, he is off to the races. I'd love to capture a photo of him galloping through the yard but all of my attempts were blurry. I did take a picture of all 3 dogs chasing each other. It is blurry of all 3 of them but because Fozzy was playing too, I just can't make myself delete it. Even though it is blurry, it still makes me smile. They are funny dogs!

dog walking, dog walker Sunny is always smiling
dogs playing make me laugh Ollie and Sunny playing