the paparazzi in Charlotte NC with Chloe not Khloe

This cutie pie Chloe spells her name in the traditional way unlike some popular (or unpopular depending upon how you look at it) other female with the same name. I'm spending some time with her for a couple of days and this morning she provided me with a lot of entertainment and laughs. Yesterday when I stopped by, I interrupted her nap so this morning she was definitely well rested and ready to play! I wasn't sure what she was playing with at first and then I realized it was a rubberband. She reminded me of a toddler who likes playing with the pots and pans. Apparently, she doesn't need any fancy toys to play with and keep her occupied. She wasn't trying to eat it at all, she was just flipping it around so I wasn't worried about her. She was hilarious and I was able to capture a few images that I absolutely love. Thanks Chloe for the good times on an early Saturday morning!

Chloe playing

Chloe posing for the camera

upside down Chloe