Harley and Special K Photography in south Charlotte

When I mention Harley and Special K you probably think motorcycles and cereal. Wrong. These are kitties although if the truth be told, if I went into the garage I could photograph a motorcycle. Harley and Special K's mom is a friend of mine and she owns two Harley's. One has 4 legs and the other has 2 wheels. :) Harley has been a little under the weather lately. I think he has enjoyed spending his time looking out the window. You can see in the 4th photo that he seems to be holding his left paw up too. Today is the first day I've noticed it and luckily his mom will be home later today to check on him. He seemed very happy to pose for his portrait and I got some cute shots of him.

Special K was most interested in eating and then roaming around. I wish I would've had an assistant with me to play with Special K so I could get some photos of that. She loves to play... she is still all kitten! Fun times the past few days with these two!


petite Special K

Special K


Harley's green eyes